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"You’re Under No Obligation To Be The Same Person You Were 5 Minutes Ago."

Alan Watts said "You’re Under No Obligation To Be The Same Person You Were 5 Minutes Ago." A quote that is liberating if fully internalized. You have no obligation đồ sộ remain the same as you were yesterday, every new moment is a chance đồ sộ reinvent yourself. The only thing that stops us is our EGO.

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Tony Robbins even pointed this out when he said “The most powerful force in the human psyche is people’s need for their words and actions đồ sộ stay consistent with their IDENTITY – how we define ourselves.”

We often hold onto our EGO (our self made us) with a vice grip. Our Ego is shaped through years of memories, societal conditioning, and the stories we tell ourselves. Our view of ourselves is completely an illusion a self-made one, ask a scientist where this 'self' resides and they won't be able đồ sộ tell you.

This 'self' is what stops us from doing things that we need đồ sộ vì thế in order đồ sộ advance ourselves. If you ever hear words such as "nah I would never vì thế that", "That's not me", that is the EGO talking. The EGO we create loves đồ sộ remain rigid, it loathes the word 'evolution'. Why vì thế you think people love comfort zones? Leaving them alludes đồ sộ 'evolution' something the EGO can't have.

Those who wake up from a coma after losing their memories often come back with different personality traits, their previous idea of themselves destroyed by some injury.

You and I can vì thế the same, we can consciously choose đồ sộ say "fuck you" đồ sộ the old idea of ourselves and take on new paradigms that are more helpful.
Once you remove the limitation of your mind you are truly miễn phí đồ sộ vì thế whatever you want.

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  • The Obese person who has never exercised can start at any second

  • The person with social anxiety can decide đồ sộ talk đồ sộ the girl

  • The person with low self-esteem can decide đồ sộ feel good about themselves for once

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The gates of self-actualization open up when you truly believe in Alan Watts assertion.

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