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KinderWriting® Curriculum Unit 1: Writing With Pictures is an engaging, standards-based kindergarten, genre-based writing curriculum.

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What is KinderWriting®?

KinderWriting® Curriculum is an engaging, kindergarten, genre-based writing curriculum. KinderWriting® encourages young learners to lớn look inward at their endless possibilities as a writer. KinderWriting® is based upon nine units: Writing With Pictures, Writing With Sentences, Writing With Stories, Writing With Narrative, Writing With Opinion, Writing With Direction, Writing With Persuasion, Writing With Imagination, and Writing With Information. Each unit is broken down to lớn đôi mươi lessons. The units cover đôi mươi days of academic instruction. The lesson plans have listed unit objectives, “I can” statements, Common bộ vi xử lý Core writing standards and needed mentor texts.

KinderWriting encourages a daily routine of a minilesson, independent writing, and a share time. Each of the lessons in KinderWriting are well thought out for the young writer and spiral back to lớn previous lessons to lớn ensure students are retaining their skills. KinderWriting also includes unit anchor charts, a variety of writing paper, conferring schedules and note sheets, sample writings, student writing goals display, writing rubrics, and step-by-step guides that are made specifically for each unit.

What is included in KinderWritring Curriculum?

-Teacher "simple read" lesson plans. You will not need to lớn rewrite these lesson plans, unless you choose tự. If sánh I have included editable lesson plans.

-Each unit I have planned out the; big idea, focus standard, essential questions, and sánh much more!

-Writing paper

-Unit posters

-Student material

-Unit rubrics

-Spanish posters included!

What lessons are included?

Unit 1: Writing With Pictures

Lesson 1: Illustrators! Yes?

Lesson 2: Establishing the Minilesson

Lesson 3: Drawing Sticks, Circles, & Boxes

Lesson 4: Establishing Independent Write

Lesson 5: Share Time

Lesson 6: Illustrating the Best I Can

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Lesson 7: Detailed Pictures

Lesson 8: Visualizing My Story

Lesson 9: Looking Closely

Lesson 10: Setting Goals

Lesson 11: What is a Label?

Lesson 12: Adding Labels

Lesson 13: The Pencil

Lesson 14: Labeling for Detail

Lesson 15: Ask and Write

Lesson 16: Show and Retell Stories

Lesson 17: Labeling Your Name

Lesson 18: Sticky Conferences

Lesson 19: A Picture Book

Lesson 20: Celebration

What about the standards?

Each unit has a focus standard that is based upon the Common bộ vi xử lý Core Standards. Units further into the year will have more than thở one focus standard. If you teach to lớn a varying mix of standards, you can gmail u for assistance. Thanks!

Ah, I love this but I teach PreK/First/Sped

You will notice that this packet is marked as Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade! This is not something I tự often or lightly! I find it very frustrating to lớn purchase a packet and it not be grade level appropriate. When it comes to lớn writing there are two major parts to lớn a writing block. The mini lesson and the independent writing time. In a mini lesson, we are able to lớn meet students at their level and expand through modeling of our own stories. If working with Pre-K students, you might need to lớn expand on your teacher modeling and spend less time on the independent writing. For first grade, you will want to lớn lessen the modeling and increase student independent writing time. At this time I tự not have a separate Pre-K writing program planned. I tự have plans to lớn release a first grade writing program in the summer of 2018. Please note that NO student materials have the "KINDER" name on them sánh you tự not have to lớn worry about this! As teachers we are the only ones to lớn ultimately make the decision as to lớn know if it will work for our kids, if I can help with this decision please let u know!

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If you have any questions at all about this packet please gmail u at [email protected]

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