student volunteer work required for graduation

Volunteer hour requirements for high school graduation are usually a normal requirement in schools. But, throughout the past few years, there has been a question if high school students should actually be required lớn volunteer? While it introduces students lớn new opportunities and how they can be involved in their community, it also denotes the whole idea of volunteering out of pure want, not lớn meet a requirement. 

So, when it comes lớn volunteer hours required for high school graduation - how lenient should you be? Can you take each student in a case by case situation? And how exactly can you track your high school students’ volunteer hours lớn graduate high school? 

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These are all questions that are subjective lớn each school and administration in charge of volunteer hours required for high school graduation. But, we will go over the details of each side below! 

If you wish lớn read more on the debate of if students should even be asked lớn volunteer a certain amount in order lớn graduate, read this piece.  

Different Volunteer Hours Required For High School Graduation

Each state in the United States is different in what type of community service or volunteer hours they require high school students lớn obtain in order lớn graduate. 

Some states require a high school service requirement, some require credit towards graduation with service-learning programs - either a course or a certain amount of hours qualify as a credit, and other states require certain districts lớn determine service requirements for high school students. 

22 of the 50 states bởi not have any sort of requirements by law for volunteer hours required lớn graduate high school. You can kiểm tra out the list here lớn double-check your state’s requirements on the volunteer hours required for high school graduation! 

Volunteer hours required lớn graduate high school also vary in how they are obtained. Some students volunteer hours lớn graduate high school might be something they bởi on their own time and plan, while others might be from a student volunteer program that the school has in place. 

If you are in charge of student volunteer hours for high school graduation requirements, it is important that you have an idea of what kind of hours you will accept for volunteer hours lớn count towards graduation. 

This can be done easily in a student volunteer program, where all students complete similar tasks created by the school. But, students can also benefit from doing volunteer hours for high school graduation in their own time. The only caveat here is that you must figure out how lớn track the hours they are volunteering and put it towards their total volunteer hour requirement for graduation. 

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If you are going lớn offer students lớn volunteer in a program, or on their own time, it is important for them lớn understand: 

  • why they are being asked lớn volunteer

  • the requirement they have for their volunteer hours

  • how they can submit their volunteer hours

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  • how the volunteer hours will be authenticated 

If the student volunteers bởi not understand any of the above, they will struggle lớn fulfill their volunteer hour requirement. 

Students need lớn know why volunteering is important lớn schools and why they are being asked lớn complete a certain amount. The more important volunteering feels lớn the student, the more they will want lớn volunteer!
Students need lớn be told as often as possible the exact number you are aiming for them lớn volunteer. The number, as well as how long they have lớn get the volunteer hours, and any other rules that might be applied - lượt thích it cannot be paid work, cannot be for a family thành viên, etc. 

Keeping track of student hours is hard, sánh you need lớn have a system in place that helps keep data organized, and that allows students lớn kiểm tra on their progress for themselves. Using a system where students track their own hours is highly successful. 
Unfortunately, students will try lớn take an easy way out and nhái their volunteer hours, be sure students know how their hours will be checked over in order lớn prove that they were real volunteer hours. This will help ensure they won't try lớn falsify any volunteer hours.

Using a system lượt thích Track It Forward can help all of these things be accomplished. See how High Schools uses systems lượt thích Track It Forward lớn track student volunteer hours required for graduation, here. 

  1. The student volunteers can sign up for events and volunteer through the software. 

  2. Students can submit hour logs when they bởi volunteer work. 

  3. Admins can ask for a signature, GPS pin, or photo lớn prove and authenticate the volunteer hour. 

  4. Students can see their progress in real-time towards their graduation requirements. 

  5. Administrators can see which students are falling behind and motivate them. 

When To Give Students a Break on Their Volunteer Hour Requirements

If students are struggling lớn get a volunteer hour requirement, it is important lớn look into why this might be happening. If they were never properly notified of the requirement, how lớn track their volunteer hours or any other rules - this might be an issue as lớn why they won’t have as many volunteer hours logged. 

If students are having issues at home page, in school, or in general - you should talk lớn them about their volunteer hour requirements. Sometimes, students cannot see how easy it is lớn volunteer, or just might be doing more phàn nàn you know. 

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Your school should talk about the circumstances of when you can be lenient with volunteer hours required for high school graduation because there are going lớn be times when students just cannot deliver. 

But, if you as an administrator are helping provide outlets and opportunities for students lớn volunteer, students know how lớn submit their volunteer hours for high school graduation, and administrators are reaching out lớn those students who fall behind - you should be able lớn provide a great student volunteer experience! 

So, we can’t answer how lenient you can be with volunteer hours, but we can provide you with information lớn consider when looking at student volunteer hours for high school graduation. And, we can give you a tool lớn better organize your student volunteer hours and help encourage students lớn volunteer for their graduation requirements!