she wore a hearing aid


  • Câu hỏi:

    She wore a hearing-aid, even though she could hear the phone ring perfectly well.
    ► She wasn’t so sánh _______________________________________.

    Bạn đang xem: she wore a hearing aid

    Lời giải tham lam khảo:

    ► She wasn’t so sánh deaf/hard of hearing that she couln’t hear the phone.

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  • I. Listen to tát the recording and complete the note with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS.
  •  What point does Philip make about the people who are involved in the locomotive side of trains?
  • When Mike discusses why he enjoys the world of trains, what contrast does he identify between the different groups of people he interacts with?
  • What view is stated by Mike about how the railway has helped him in his role as a parent?
  • When discussing different aspects of the railway, both speakers agree that ___________.
  • What final conclusion bởi both speakers reach about volunteering on the railway?
  • If the work-force respected you, you wouldnt need to tát _________ your authority so sánh often.
  • 2. The factory is working below _________ because of the shortage of essential materials.
  • His new designs are ______ the trend in women’s fashion right now.
  • She wants to tát give full ______ to tát her anger about discrimination.
  • Without telling her directly, they ______ that she’d got the job. 
  • Athletes need to tát have a higher _________ of protein and vitamins in order to tát stay heathy
  • He claimed _____ from military service because he was a foreign national
  • It’s Prime Minister’s right to tát ______ an election at any time he likes
  • The footballer never really recovered from the injury ______ at the beginning of the season.
  • The drought ________ considerable problems for farmers.
  • At the start of the course, everyone is assigned a(n) ________ of studies.
  • Jerry has been burning the midnight ________ over the last few days; his final exam is soon.
  • In my first year at university I lived in the halls of ________ .
  • Books taken from the short ________ section are due to tát be returned the next day.
  • You are bound to tát find information on the stock market crash of 1987 in the newspaper ________ .
  • The accused confidently ________ that he was innocent.
  • We did our best to tát fix the broken computer but our efforts bore no ________.
  • I knew my mother would ________ a face the minute she saw my new haircut. 
  • 19. There are a lot of computer programmes nowadays, but really good ones are few and far ________. 
  • He is such a kind and caring young boy - he wouldn’t hurt a ________ .
  • II. Supply the correct size of the word in bracket to tát complete the passage.
  • There are numerous reason behind the choice of clothing we make, ranging from the practice to tát the bizarre, but in every likelihood humans began wearin
  • 1. The school examination for eleven-year-olds was done_________ with some years ago.2. Tuck your shirt   ________your trousers.3.
  • Choose the correct answer weight, force, heaviness, pressure
  • Choose the correct answer published, printed, publicised, proclaimed
  • Chooose the correct answer outlooks, odds, prospects, views
  • Choose the correct answer important, impressive, heavy, significant
  • Choose the correct answer quality, calibre, excellent, worth
  • Choose the correct answer degree, grade, rank, status
  • Choose the correct answer pliable, elastic, amenable. flexible
  • Choose the correct answer safety, security, santuary, protection
  • Choose the correct answer failure, defeat, deficiency, lack
  • Choose the correct answers indisposed, unwell, sick, injured
  • Choose the correct answer pestered, inflamed, irritated, ruffled
  • Choose the correct answers behind the times, expired, out of date, invalid
  • Choose the correct answer fertility, capacity, productivity, value
  • Choose the correct answer compensation, damages, reimbursement, atonement
  • Choose the correct answer idiosyncratic, unique, personal, individual
  • In the first paragragh, the writer is presenting __________.
  • What point is the writer making in the second paragraph? 
  • Which phrase in the second paragraph has the same meaning as ‘held its own against’?
  • In the third paragraph, the writer stresses the importance of __________.
  • 5. What does the writer suggest is the main advantage of online news sites? 
  • III. Read the passage and think of ONE word that best fits in the numbered blank.
  • IV. In the following text, five paragraphs have been removed. Above the extract you will find the five removed paragraph PLUS one paragraph which doesn't fit. Choose from the paragraphs (A-F) the one which fits each gap (1-5). There is one extra sentence you bởi not need to tát use.
  • I was not surprised to tát hear that Harry had failed his driving test.► It came _______________________________________. 
  • She wore a hearing-aid, even though she could hear the phone ring perfectly well. ► She wasn’t so sánh _______________________________________.
  • 5. This affair does not concern you.► This affair is no _______________________________________. 
  • 2. Gerald never had enough to tát live on until he married that rich businesswoman. (SHORT)► Gerald _______________________________________.
  • His reactions are quite unpredictable. (KNOWS)► One _______________________________________.
  • There are several categories of people who bởi not have to tát pay the new tax. (EXEMPT)► There are _______________________________________.
  • Ours is the only company allowed to tát import these chemicals. (MONOPOLY)► Our _______________________________________.