my father doesn't work

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My father hasn't had a job in 10 years

So, as the title suggests, my father hasn't had a job in over 10 years. This wouldn't be a bad situation had he and my mom retired with savings, but instead he quit his job ten years ago to tướng "create his own business" and since then has done absolutely nothing. My mother works harder kêu ca anyone I know and works all hours to tướng tư vấn a whole family while my dad refuses to tướng get a job and when brought up behind closed doors(I heard them arguing about it), he gets angry and refuses to tướng get one. It not only is forcing my saint of a mom to tướng work to tướng old age, but puts a huge strain on her monetarily. Case and point, she has a college degree and makes decent money, but has been driving a 1999 minivan that has a broken door handle and barely works because she cant afford to tướng buy a xế hộp.

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For the first few years after my father left his job, he seemed to tướng actually work towards something, although the last 8 or ví years, he sits around all day on his computer at home page and goes out to tướng eat nearly every day at fast food restaurants relaxing. Then when my mom gets home page from work he annoys her and gets angry when she doesn't want to tướng spend time with him and says "you're always ví tired, what has gotten into you". My father is a complete ass.

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Here comes the advice part, I want to tướng know if anyone has any suggestions on how to tướng get him off his butt and back to tướng working? I have tried everything, when we bring up other people his age finding work he just seems to tướng not notice, when we bring up people losing their jobs, he will suggest they go out and look for another all while he will never bởi it himself. It is lượt thích he is completely oblivious to tướng the fact that he IS the lazy bum that everyone hints at.

Any help would be appreciated

Edit: I am not under any of my mom's expenses and bởi not contribute to tướng the issue. She has come to tướng both bủ and my brother for advice on it before or at the very least mentioned what we can bởi to tướng hint at him to tướng get a job without actually making her life unbearable with the fighting.