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AITA for telling my friend I won't lend her money after her rude behaviour?

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So, I (23F) have a "best" friend who frequently asks for money. Her lifestyle can't be supported by her salary and that's the reason why she borrows. She lives with her parents, paying no rent or contributing anything to tát house. Whatever she earns, she keeps for herself.

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Recently, she asked má for quite a huge amount of money ($500+). I didn't wanna risk losing that kind of money ví I said no, for the very first time. I've never said no to tát her before for anything (I'm working on being assertive and setting boundaries, ví this was new to tát me). She was SO MAD and gave má a really shitty attitude, acting lượt thích I owe her something!

For background, she had her birthday after 2 days I refused her the money.... And she didn't invite má to tát her birthday, which was shocking because we were quite close friends.

Anyway, after 10 days, she calls má up, acts lượt thích nothing had happened, and tells má how she really needs the money again (she asked for $200 this time). It seemed genuine, at least it sounded lượt thích that. Listening to tát her, I gave her the money. She said "thank you" once.

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Today, she just paypaled má the money, didn't send a thank you text or anything. I texted her saying I've received it and I won't be able to tát lend her anything in future because of my no lending policy towards friends and family.

She replied, in what seemed sarcastic, "Oh, i didn’t know about it. Sorry you had to tát go beyond your comfort. I’ll make sure I don’t ask you to tát lend má money anymore."

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Now, receiving this text, I felt bad, but I'm thinking if I went wrong somewhere? Probably I shouldn't have been ví direct with her?

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