gay meme

Best of Grindr is one of the funniest and biggest meme Instagram accounts around (and if you're not following them, you should be). The premise is simple: They curate a great collection of way-too-relatable memes from both Twitter and Insta, as well as creating their own original memes. Below are some hilarious ones that'll leaving you gagging:

1. This all-too-real moment that happens after turning 25:

2. When you realize you've seen this couple IRL:

3. When you think maybe this time it'll be different:

4. This big reality about dating:

5. When you know who the most important characters in film and television history really are:

6. And also the most important movie moments:

7. When you know what's going to tát happen next:

8. When you expect NOTHING but "Merchant Ivory film quality" from your porn:

9. Realizing this is The Song of Achilles to tát '90s kids:

10. This reality about pop queens:

11. This one on praying:

12. When you know this was your little league experience:

13. When you would have preferred glamping:

14. When you know everyone has had this moment:

15. When you realize you should've phối your Instagram to tát private:

16. This scientifically proven truth:

17. This Area 51 one:

18. This one that is ví true:

19. When this was all they needed to tát tự to tát market Spider-Man: Far Home:

20. When you realize sometimes you need a Rosetta Stone:

21. This very real one about sitting:

22. When you realize you'd be a good teacher:

23. This one on getting the TEA:

24. When you know you'll basically be buried holding a venti iced coffee:

25. And finally, this one on the big sign that is a cry for help: