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Content warning: This story is about a disgusting trend you may have heard about. Please don't go ahead if mentions of depravity and lows human beings can stoop vĩ đại can scar you.

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Instagram is a wonderland. And it's complicated. People go vĩ đại extraordinary lengths vĩ đại find an Instagrammable life. For some, it's a length so sánh far that it can scar one for life and cause severe mental health issues. If you are watching Dubai Bling on Netflix, finish that before reading this because this will have an impact on how you see that series.

Ok, we warned you. Now getting vĩ đại the point.

Picture this. You’re on a Kardashian-level vacation vĩ đại Dubai, buying whatever you can, and availing không lấy phí khách sạn stays. But everything comes at a price. And the price for this experience is ~pooping~ on a rich man (or letting him vì thế it on your face in some cases).

found out what a dubai porta potty is and its DISGUSTING

— keki (@kekibun) November 6, 2022

This is how the shockingly disgusting trend of Dubai Porta Potty can be described. The rich men of the Emirates have a lot of money vĩ đại spend and evidently a lot of unconventional fetishes vĩ đại explore. One of them involves paying a round trip for influencers from abroad vĩ đại fly vĩ đại their mansions and get dirty with them (quite literally). In return, they also get paid anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000. 

But how vì thế we know this? Rumours around this trend had been circulating for quite some time but the news has been blowing up on TikTok and Twitter since May, for both informative and satirical reasons. One of the earliest accounts came from Laims (surname unknown), a 31-year-old flight attendant-turned-TikTok star. 

Flight Attendant Laims encountered a first class passenger who claimed vĩ đại earn money by pooping on Emerati men (hocusbogus2 on TikTok)

Flight Attendant Laims encountered a first class passenger who claimed vĩ đại earn money by pooping on Emerati men (hocusbogus2 on TikTok)

Her TikTok tài khoản @hocusbogus2.0, which currently boasts 189.7k followers, went viral in May, when she uploaded a đoạn phim on her tài khoản reaffirming the rumours. She added that during her time as a flight attendant, a friend at work remarked how one of the first-class passengers was constantly asking for fibre-rich foods, gobbling down oatmeal and Greek yogurt. 

This naturally led Laims vĩ đại be curious about the woman’s obsession with a fibre diet. Eventually, when she couldn’t hold back, Laims finally asked the passenger, and then realised the passenger too wasn't able vĩ đại hold back. She had vĩ đại tell someone: 

“Honestly babes. I get paid vĩ đại sh*t on Emirati men, and I’ve got vĩ đại eat all my fibre ’cause I’m going on a boat tonight.”

Surprisingly, @hocusbogus2.0 added in her TikTok videos that such occurrences are common among the elites of Dubai, with even some flight attendants getting involved at times, being asked vĩ đại vì thế it on either the chest (or let's just leave it here) of businessmen. 

More influencers come forward with their accounts: After Laims’s revelations, the news began spreading on social truyền thông. Around the same time, TikTok user @chennifar procured a đoạn phim of an unnamed 26-year-old woman who read out a contract she received from a Dubai-based rich man claiming vĩ đại be a certain Sultan Ali. She said that she would be paid $25,000 in advance and the same amount again when the job was done. What does this job entail?

“Unprotected sex… I would have vĩ đại let Mr. Ali lick my feet, and also **** his brother who is 13 years old.”

While there are no mentions of any literally-dirty activities, the post was being shared around vĩ đại discuss how disgusting and quite eccentric Dubai princes can be. Despite all the negative reactions the TikTok generated, it is worth noting that the 26-year-old in question ended the đoạn phim by saying, “Thank you, Mr Ali. I can’t wait vĩ đại see you.”

A screengrab from the reel uploaded by Chennifar where a 26-year-old reads out a bizarre contract where a Dubai man asks her vĩ đại have sex with his underage cousin

A screengrab from the reel uploaded by Chennifar where a 26-year-old reads out a bizarre contract where a Dubai man asks her vĩ đại have sex with his underage cousin

In June, another TikTok star Saint Mullan explained her experience with a man who asked her vĩ đại join him for a yacht buổi tiệc nhỏ in Dubai. The London-based influencer and personal trainer received this invite as a private Instagram text from a man claiming vĩ đại be a Dubai prince’s friend. 

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Saint Mullan's đoạn phim where she breaks down the requests she got from a Dubai-based man (photo-Saint Mullan on TikTok)

Saint Mullan's đoạn phim where she breaks down the requests she got from a Dubai-based man (photo-Saint Mullan on TikTok)

The man from Dubai guaranteed her that her flight and stay would be không lấy phí of cost if she fulfilled his and the prince’s fetishes, namely “urophilia, underside of nails, anal feet” and what not. 

Mullan shared the screenshots on TikTok, claiming vĩ đại spread awareness around the disgusting things that such men can ask in the name of being “sugardaddies” or “patrons”. 

A particularly disgusting đoạn phim also got uploaded on TikTok and Twitter (now removed) around this time that depicted a woman quite literally dropping in the mouth of a man, alleged vĩ đại be a snippet from a Dubai millionaire’s buổi tiệc nhỏ. Needless vĩ đại say, we wouldn’t embed the đoạn phim here (which can still be found on the dark corners of the Internet but vì thế not look for it, we warn you). 

Do the Dubai men have a racial demographic in mind? It is concerning that most of the women who have come out with their accounts as well as the women seen in the graphic videos seem vĩ đại be of African descent. Even the British women who were asked vĩ đại be a part of such kinks (such as Saint Mullan) are đen thui. 

If the Porta Potty trend wasn’t disturbing enough, an apparent racial targeting of the chosen women only adds further concerns. Back in May, Nigerian magazine City People also reported on how women from the đô thị of Lagos (referring vĩ đại them as “Lagos Big Babes”!) were actively involved in the trend. However, there are exceptions too lượt thích the aforementioned 26-year-old, so sánh it cannot be said for certain if the Dubai men are just interested in đen thui women. 

Criticism from a Dubai influencer: While the rest of the world is shocked or even amused, a large share of social truyền thông users also feel it’s better vĩ đại ignore it all as ultimately, it is a kinky act between consenting individuals. 

Arab nội dung creator and a self-proclaimed “financially-built man” Ebrahim (@Ebrahim_ka on TikTok) took vĩ đại social truyền thông vĩ đại express his disgust and how damaging it can be for Dubai’s men. 

To quote his TikTok post,

“All rich men in Dubai fly girls out vĩ đại vì thế this. They are disgusting. All of them have the same fetish. What shocks bủ the most is that people of Dubai are not keeping up with these trending videos, and they never heard of such a thing.”

However, before anyone could point fingers at him, Ebrahim was also quick vĩ đại remark, “I for one vì thế not enjoy defecating on other people’s faces!”

While no criminal investigation has been lodged in UAE, such Porta Potty events continue vĩ đại be held as most of them are obviously underground parties. It is highly likely that the influencers involved have vĩ đại sign non-disclosure agreements vĩ đại engage in such acts. 

Rumours on social truyền thông and YouTube conspiracy videos continue vĩ đại suggest that the women might also get paid for also engaging in other ghastly and illegal acts lượt thích beastiality and paedophilia. For instance, if the woman in the TikTok đoạn phim shared by @chennifar was indeed telling the truth, then her contract required her vĩ đại engage in non-mentionable activities with a camel!

the dahmer documentary scares tf out of bủ cuz he was getting away with that and he was broke so sánh then I got vĩ đại thinking lượt thích wait what vì thế the rich people be doing… today? cuz we already found out they got a human toilet world yên lặng scared of life sometimes

— SALINA (@REDSEASHAWTY) September 25, 2022

To our readers, we did the research and told you what was safe vĩ đại say. We didn't need vĩ đại know this but we know now. So, vì thế not go looking. Be warned of the sheer vomit-inducing nội dung that you will find down this dark rabbit hole.

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