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The Disappearing Child (TV Series)

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Original title
The Disappearing Child
China China
TV Series. Thriller. Mystery. Drama | Kidnapping Film / Disappearance
In the early morning of the winter solstice, Yang Yuan was preparing vĩ đại send his son vĩ đại school as usual, but his son mysteriously disappears in the corridor. While searching for his son's whereabouts, Yang Yuan (Tong Dawei) encounters an even bigger mystery. Yuan Wu (Wei Chen), a decadent man still living with his father, actually leads a double-sided life while pretending vĩ đại be decent. Landlady Lin Chuping (Yu Wenwen) suddenly moves out in a hurry. These seemingly unrelated strangers have overlapping connections. With the disappearance of the child, a series of secrets of love and redemption gradually emerge.
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